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by Lana Jovic
'the Village of Tucepi,Makarska Riviera,Dalmatia,Croatia' - Split
'the Village of Tucepi,Makarska Riviera,Dalmatia,Croatia' travelpeter / Shutterstock

Tucepi is a lovely touristic settlement located at the Adriatic coast under the slopes of the impressive Mountain Biokovo rising right above the sea shore. It is a spectacular and unforgettable sight of rare natural beauty. With its legendary beaches and the crystal clear sea, untouched natural beauty and excellent accommodation possibilities, Tucepi is among the most popular tourist destinations in this part of Dalmatia.

Besides the magnificent mountain view, another interesting natural phenomenon is the famous, over 4 km long pebbly beach spreading across the majority of Tucepi’s coastline. A beautiful promenade shielded by the fragrant shade of pines stretches along the beach. There are numerous ice-cream and pastry stands, as well as souvenir shops all along the promenade, enabling you to take a break from the beach relaxation and, with just a few steps away, seek another kind of refreshment before returning to the inviting, salty blue depths.

Tucepi is rather easy to reach; it is 65 km away from Split and the nearest motorway entrance is 40 km away. Only 2 km away, Makarska is the nearest bigger city. You can reach it by foot; it is a pleasant, less than 30 minutes long walk along the beautiful coastline. Besides by bus or by car, Makarska can be reached by ferry; there are regular lines from Split and Drvenik.

There are numerous accommodation possibilities in Tučepi; you can choose according to your preferences. There are four hotels; three of them are four star resorts. Perhaps the most interesting among them is the romantic Hotel Kastelet, located in the adapted baroque summerhouse. However, the most popular form of tourist accommodation in Tucepi are private apartments. There is a wide range of choices and prices. Depending on the location, included services and part of the year, you can find private accommodation for as little as 14 euros a day and as much as 160 euros.

Tucepi is a small maritime settlement, but it has a rich and long history. It is believed that this area was first inhabited 2000 years before Christ by the Illyrian tribes. There are several archaeological findings confirming that thesis. Remnants of the ancient Roman culture can be seen on the slopes of Biokovo. However, the most interesting sights of Tucepi include the Church of St. Vid from the late medieval period, adapted from the ancient villa rustica; and three defensive towers preserved from the 18th century when they were used to fight off Turkish invasions.

Besides simple relaxation at the beach, there is a wide range of summer activities in Tucepi. you can enjoy numerous water sports, as well as tennis and football on the specialized terrains. Be sure to visit the highest peak of the Biokovo Mountain; it is only an hour car ride away from the center of Tucepi; and admire the magnificent view of the entire middle Dalmatian coast with the adjacent islands.

Be sure not to miss the incredible specialties of the local cuisine; there are several praised restaurants in Tucepi. To enjoy the genuine Dalmatian atmosphere while tasting some of the best traditional dishes, visit the Ranc Tavern. And if you seek for more high end, gourmet venue, be sure to visit Jeny, an award winning, family run restaurant; famous for its five course food and wine menu that incorporates only the finest Croatian ingredients and best Croatian wines.

The nightlife in Tucepi tends to be more sedentary and relaxed; but there are several bars and even one nightclub if you are seeking for a more dynamic night out. And for a wider range of choices, Makarska is only a pleasant walk or a very short car ride away.

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