Solta - Split

by Lana Jovic

Solta is a small, middle-Dalmatian island in front of Split, 10 km away from the Split harbor. The richness of nature and the quality of service combined with specific Mediterranean tradition ensured Solta the place among the most desirable tourist destinations in Croatia. The sense of sweet isolation within reach of the biggest town in Dalmatia makes Solta the perfect vacation choice if you seek short relief from the city noise.

Almost entire northern shoreline of Solta is uninhabited due to the strong winds in the winter. In the summer, the well-indented coast and the adjacent archipelago of small islands, make this part of Solta the beloved destination of yachtsmen. Numerous protected coves and bays serve as the perfect harbors and the untouched scenery with perfectly clear sea provides the kind of intimacy that no money can pay for. And if you are staying in one of the settlements, you can still enjoy the beauty of the beaches. Necujam takes pride in its long pebbly beach, the longest on the island.

Solta is famous for its richness of vegetation and wildlife. The central part of the island is almost completely covered with vineyards and orchards whose owners proudly present their organically grown products all over Croatia. A variety of wildlife species can be seen across the island. The most common inhabitant of Solta is the little owl, also the trademark of the island. Perhaps the most beloved occasional visitor of the island’s protected beaches is the Mediterranean monk seal. Its presence is the best indicator of the sea water purity in the area.

Regular ferry and catamaran lines are connecting Split and Solta. It takes one hour to reach Rogac, the island’s harbor, by ferry and 30 minutes by catamaran. All the settlements are situated on the north side of the island, where you can seek accommodation. The island’s only hotel, Martinis-Marchi in Maslinica, occupies the historical castle from the 18th century and has its own marina. In Necujam you can accommodate in one of the apartment villages or vacation houses. Stomorska and Rogac have camps for children. In all settlements you can choose from a wide range of private accommodation options.

As any other Dalmatian tourist destination, Solta is very proud of its gastronomic offer and promotes the local cuisine in its numerous restaurants and taverns. Enjoy the fish and meat specialties prepared with care and love in romantic ambiance of the island’s eating venues. And if you are in the mood for a more dynamic fun, head towards one of the beach bars or dance to the hot summer rhythms in disco club Cuvita in Necujam.

Apart from its restaurant and nightclub scene, Solta has even more to offer. The central event of the summer is “The Pulling of Murduja”. It is a three day festivity honoring the historical events connecting the islands of Brac and Solta. They are only 800 m apart with the Islet of Mrduja between them. The perpetual discussions about the ownership of Mrduja inspired the game in which the participants from both sides try their best to pull the rope-tied islet to their side. Most of the local boat owners gladly participate in this event followed by live music and local fish and meat specialties.

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