Gradac - Split

by Lana Jovic
'Gorgeous view on beach and mountains behind in Gradac, Croatia' - Split
'Gorgeous view on beach and mountains behind in Gradac, Croatia' Petr Kopka / Shutterstock

Gradac is the southernmost town of the Makarska Riviera. Situated at the foot of the magnificent Biokovo Mountain, it is a place of immense natural beauties and diverse tourist offer. But don’t be fooled, Gradac is not just another tourist resort; it offers so much more: from specific gastronomy to diverse cultural heritage and great nightlife. It is a place worth visiting and exploring its numerous values hidden at the base of the glorious mountain.

Sitting atop of seven springs of fresh and pure drinking water, Gradac has always been an extremely attractive place to settle. The area has already been inhabited since the Bronze and Iron Age. There are numerous archaeological findings confirming the richness of the local history starting at those early prehistoric times, over the ancient period, medieval era over to baroque and modern times. There are several ancient buildings, towers, forts and tombs from various historic periods in the areas surrounding the city of Gradac.

Gradac is easy to reach; its location on the Main Adriatic road keeps it well connected with the bigger Dalmatian cities. So, whether you arrive to Split or Dubrovnik, Gradac is only a short bus ride away. There are regular bus lines between Split and Dubrovnik stopping at Gradac throughout the entire year.

There are numerous accommodation possibilities in Gradac, ranging from four-star hotels to auto camps; there is a choice for everyone. You can find several lovely hotels in the area; Saudade is the only one bearing a four-star sign. If you prefer a more cozy, relaxed atmosphere, you can stay in one of many private accommodations; from private rooms to apartments and houses for rent. And if you simply need a neat and comfortable place to stay, choose from three local hostels: Jedro, Bossina or Eklata. For adventurous tourists, there are even three auto-camps in the area, all close to the sea and shielded by the rich pine woods.

Gradac is particularly famous for its long pebbly beach, Gornja Vala. It is consisted of 36 smaller beaches with the total length of 10 km. It is the longest beach in this part of Dalmatia. The weather is ideal for the early start of the bathing season; with its long, hot and dry summers and mild, windy and short lasting winters. The sea is pleasant for bathing 190 days a year. Besides enjoying the freshness of the pure and clear sea, you can try various water sports: paddling, water skiing, water-polo, etc. If you are interested in exploring the inviting heights of the Biokovo Mountain, there are cycling paths leading to several lookouts. From there you can admire the indescribably beautiful view of the entire area and enjoy the impossibly fresh mountain air.

Be sure to visit some of the local restaurants and enjoy the unforgettable flavors of Dalmatian specialties and quality wines from the local vineyards. The majority of restaurants in Gradac are serving traditional Croatian dishes, with the accent on fish and seafood specialties prepared with care and love. Visit some of the highest ranked restaurants in the area: Marco Polo, Mala Mare tavern or Saudade restaurant.

Although Gradac is a small town, its nightlife offer is rich and diverse. Most of the beautiful beaches turn into discotheques and cocktail bars by night, every one of them offering its specific set of music, refreshments and friendly staff. Perhaps the most popular destination for night time fun in the area is Pineta cocktail bar. Its modern dancing rhythms will invite you to stay until the sunrise and enjoy the unique Dalmatian party atmosphere.

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