Food - Split

'Fresh shrimps in the fish market' - Split
'Fresh shrimps in the fish market' Goran Bogicevic / Shutterstock

Split is very famous for its local delicacies and fine dining restaurants as well as the rustic, typically Mediterranean taverns. If your idea of a perfect summer vacation inevitably includes enjoying great food and trying out new dishes, Split is definitely the place for you.

There are almost countless eating venues in the city, ranging from simple fast food stands to high-end restaurants; there is a place for everyone. You can enjoy vegan food as well as the traditional Macedonian cuisine; the choices are practically limitless. Most of the popular venues are situated in the immediate city center, which makes them easier to find.

Most of the taverns, fine dining and high-end restaurants in Split are proudly offering local fish specialties, such as black risotto, squid salad and fried lobster. Apart from the seafood, we recommend trying pasticada, a traditional Dalmatian beef stew marinated in lemony vinaigrette; slowly cooked with wine, prosciutto, nutmeg and cloves; and served with a platter of tender gnocchi.

The locals, famous for their traditional love for good food and wine, won’t miss the chance to remind you that tasty food must be accompanied by the quality wine. The majority of Split restaurants have an enviable wine selection, but there are two specialized wine bars in the narrower city area. Wine and Cheese Bar Paradox is a great venue for admirers of excellent wines and aromatic cheeses. Freshly opened food and wine bar Zinfandel is situated in the city center and it offers an impressive wine list and tasty Mediterranean dishes in the lovely decorated space.

To experience the full atmosphere of the Mediterranean tradition, we recommend you visit some of the local taverns serving delicious fish specialties in the signature Dalmatian environment. Tavern-like restaurants have originally developed from the wine cellars incorporated in every typical Dalmatian house. The romantic ambiance is enhanced by the stone walls, dim light, wooden benches and rustically decorated spaces. Some of the highest rated taverns in Split are Konoba Matejuska, Konoba Hvaranin and Konoba Marjan; all within walking distance from the city center.

If you long to taste fresh fish and seafood specialties, you should visit one of the countless fish restaurants. Perhaps the most beloved such venue among tourists and locals is Fife, always crowded fish restaurant situated by the Matejuska promenade. You can taste some of the best fish dishes, as well as the other Dalmatian signature dishes for symbolic prices. Another praised fish restaurant is Dvor, a newly opened venue attractively located at the edge of the cliff overlooking the bay of Firule. You can enjoy impeccably prepared fish meals in the romantic atmosphere of this lovely restaurant.

For more picky eaters, there is even a vegetarian restaurant, Makrovega, situated in the maze of narrow streets just near the city center. Serving healthy fresh food in a lovely atmosphere and with excellent service, it is among the most beloved Split restaurants.

There are numerous patisseries and ice-cream stands scattered all over the city center. It is fun to try palatshinke, a simple, crepe-like variety of pancakes, common in Eastern and Central Europe countries. You can purchase them at one of the numerous street stands with a variety of different fillings. You should visit the lovely decorated Crème de La Crème, and enjoy some of the numerous tasty cakes and pastries with a cup of refreshing coffee.

Among the countless fast food facilities in the city, the tourists have recognized one among them as the best venue to try cevapi, a signature Bosnian meal. At Kantun Paulina you can try the best examples of this minced meat dish.